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Elsa Coronation Tiara

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Amber Clarke has been making custom luxury wire jewelry since Jan. 2019. She was introduced to the art by her best friend because she was experiencing emotional trauma, anxiety and PTSD. This was a therapeutic way for her to focus on something more positive and bless the lives of others. The more she practiced her craft, the more she became interested in wire jewelry as a business. What sets hey business apart is the personal touches she adds to each piece. Her stones are responsibly sourced and most are certified by the national geographic society and the Gem and jewelry export council. Now she's gaining momentum as a highly sought after artist. To view examples of her work, please visit her business page on Facebook at @promontorystone and online at www.thewellnessunderground.com or in store in Kaysville at 140 N. Main Street ste. D Kaysville Utah 84037.