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'Scuffed Up' book by Jill Shepherd

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We've all worn shoes in life that we planned on and shoes that have taken us completely by surprise. What about those shoes you have been dealt that you didn't want to wear but had to? How do you deal with something like that? Or maybe you are finally living your dream shoes and it's not turning out as expected. Have you ever wondered how to break past those fears or anxieties that hold you back from what you were made for? Step into this awe-inspiring, eye-opening book and find tools to help you traverse through challenges and wear any shoe that life throws at you with confidence. Through worn combat boots in the deserts of Afghanistan, running shoes enduring brutal marathons, high heels judged in front of millions on the stage of Miss America, humbling nursing shoes, and motherhood slip-ons for four kids, I will guide you through: Valuable lessons in each chapter to feel empowered. Tips to overcome anxieties that may hold you back. A new courage you've never felt before. Your potential that is waiting to be discovered . A chance to reflect on all you have already accomplished and power ahead into all the shoes you have yet to try on. SCUFFED UP equips readers with a clear plan to navigate any course they want to run through in life. What's stopping you from opening that new box of shoes and going after your goals? Get ready to put those shoes on and get them Scuffed Up!